RTPI North East Commits to “Resource Planning for Climate Action” Campaign

Many of the RTPI’s English regions have supported the national call to give more powers and resources to planning authorities to tackle the issues surrounding climate change. The campaign – “Resource Planning for Climate Action” – calls on the Government to take climate actions around transport and buildings, as well as develop a tool to help local planning authorities gauge the carbon impact of emerging and existing local plans.

“It’s great to see RTPI’s English regions getting behind our national campaign and considering climate change and its implications at a local level. The regions are such an important part of the RTPI and I’m sure that their support for the biggest issue facing the planet will demonstrate that we as planners are committed to finding practical solutions and sharing these through our regional CPD, training and events.”

– Sarah Woodford, RTPI Head of English Regions

The “Resource Planning for Climate Action” campaign will focus on:

  • Developing a tool for assessing the carbon impact of existing and future local plans;
  • Ensuring that climate change mitigation is a vital component of wider planning and infrastructure;
  • Empowering devolved national governments and local authorities to lead on climate change mitigation in the devolved nations and at local level and give them the resources to do so; 
  • Giving more resources to local planning authorities;
  • Reintroducing the requirement that all new build homes are zero carbon and that measures and resources are put in place for existing homes to be zero carbon; and
  • Investing in UK infrastructure for smart energy, heat and sustainable mobility.

At ethical partnership we are excited that not only RTPI North East is committing to the campaign, but that the RTPI as a whole is putting their weight behind it. We hope that the campaign will allow for major changes to the planning system, with an emphasis on carbon reduction in the face of the climate crisis

With such as vast range of experience, no planning consultancy is better suited to tackle climate change as we are.  We are happy to work with local authorities and developers to ensure that all elements of the planning process make the essential impact to meet the Government’s target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.  Contact us to find out how we can help. You can also find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the work we do!

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